Wiremix Marketing for Poker.com, Inc.

ป๊อกเด้ง ไฮโล

Wiremix Media Inc. is pleased to announce that they have entered into an agreement with Poker.com, Inc. (NASD OTC-BB: “PKER”) to conduct marketing and web development for Poker.com, Inc.’s online gaming clients.

Wiremix Media (www.wiremix.com) is an Internet marketing agency that uses creativity, strategic thinking and leading edge technology to drive traffic to client’s sites and generate revenue. By synthesizing traditional and Internet marketing plans they have successfully launched and marketed numerous gaming and non-gaming sites.

“Working with Poker.com, Inc. will enable us to carry out innovative marketing plans on behalf of their clients. The online gaming industry is growing rapidly and these initiatives will bring new audiences to Poker.com, Inc.’s client sites,“ said Patrick Smyth, CEO and President of Wiremix Media Inc.

Poker.com, Inc. is an online entertainment, marketing and licensing company ป๊อกเด้ง ไฮโล that has secured the exclusive worldwide rights to market the Poker.com website for online gaming and sub-licensing gaming software. Poker.com, Inc. clients are powered by Starnet Communications International Software (NASD OTC-BB: “SNMM”).

New Role-playing Game, ‘Max the Net(tm),’ Gives Insecurity a New Meaning

Take over the Internet from your Home PC

AUCKLAND, Nov. 5, 2000– Are War Dialers, Email Attacks, Trojan Horses, and Password Attacks all some kind of foreign conspiracy? Is a virus something vaguely medical? Does your computer really hate you? All this will change when you play ‘Max the Net’ and discover that these are really your own keys to taking over the worldwide internet.

I’m from your internet service. Many of our customers like you have been experiencing difficulty getting good connections. We are looking into this problem and hope to solve it soon. In order to check your connection I need to sign in to your account. Give me your username and password and I’ll get back to you as soon as we’ve checked it out. No? In that case I have this great tool which will monitor your traffic and tell me all about any problems you have. Just download it and run it once. You will get a report back later. No? I’ll just send you an email with some information to read. One way or another I have the tools here to capture your site, capture all the sites in this country, and finally to ‘Max The Net’. You can’t stop me! Only a game? Try the free demo version and find out at http://www.maxthe.net.

ZDNet at http://www.zdnet.com/downloads/stories/info/0,,0019PY,.html rated ‘Max the Net’ as 4 Stars and Yippee at http://www.yippee.net/html/win/entertainment/title9479.htm gave ‘Max the Net’ a 5 Star rating.

‘Max the Net’ provides a simple introduction to system and network security in the form of a game which takes you on tour of the world while introducing you to defenses used on computer systems and the hacker attack tools used to break through those defenses. ‘Max the Net’ will open your eyes to the vulnerability of the internet but reassure you that in real life the hackers all get caught — eventually. The full game provides a grand tour of the world through the 285 world region maps and a wide range of fictitious internet sites with defensive capabilities ranging from none for the average high school to extensive traps at the CIA and other intelligence agencies. As a hacker you will have a range of tools to use. Password crackers, Trojan Horses, and Social Attacks will be available to use either directly or hidden behind a zombie. Along the way you will get extensive advice on security as well as an enjoyable experience. A free demo version can be downloaded at http://www.maxthe.net.

‘Max the Net’ is a new solitaire PC game developed and marketed by Kiwisoft Programs Ltd, located at PO Box 45-173, Auckland 8, New Zealand and on the web at http://www.maxthe.net.