Cybergambling Tip: Verifying Online Situs Judi Bola Gaming Licenses

Online gamblers who do their homework know to only play at sites that operate under government-issued licenses. But how do you verify whether a site that claims to be government-licensed is telling the truth?

Before opening a betting account with any Internet gambling service, you should always seek documentation somewhere on the site stating that the operator has been issued an interactive gambling license by a government agency. Don’t forget, however, that anyone can claim to possess such a license and that there is very little anyone can do to stop unlicensed operators from making fraudulent claims being licensed.

It’s important then to go a step beyond locating a licensing statement. Any site claiming to be licensed should be able to prove it. Many sites do this by posting photocopies of their gaming licenses, government seal and all. That’s a start, but a site that’s really on the ball will offer information on how to follow up with the government licensing agency.

Unfortunately, very few sites do this, so it’s usually up to you to double-check on your own. With that in mind, two Caribbean jurisdictions to seriously consider are Antigua and Dominica. The gaming boards for both of these …